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Testimonials “We estimate within 3 months, the Laco Gun will pay for itself over using texture in a spray can. The texture is able to be matched exactly compared to cans that seem to foam and never match. The design is flawless and clean-up is a snap. The Laco Texture Gun has turned out to be a maintenance man’s dream come true!
” Jeff Sewell Property Manager “

After twenty plus years in the industry, I believe I have come across a tool which far surpasses its claims and my expectations. The Laco TG500 Texture Gun is a must have, far surpassing any other hand-held texture gun on the market today. Having worked in drywall (finish and pick-up) for the last 14 years, I’ve tried nearly every texture gun out there. The Laco TG500 is the best. Having the ability to dismantle, clean and reassemble all in a matter of minutes not only increases the longevity of the Laco TG500, but increases the user productivity. And in this industry, productivity means more money in your pocket.
” Chris Hunt Pick-up Superintendent CPC Drywall, Inc

"In my business, I have to cut drywall holes in almost every house I go into. I needed a hassle-free sprayer that wouldn't make a mess, but before trying it on a customer's home, I tried it on mine. I don't know the first thing about drywall, but after 5 minutes of practice with the Laco texture gun I could match my texture perfectly. My patches didn't just come out good- they are invisible! Now I use it to spray every patch in every home I work on.
" Alan Clegg So Cal Home Theater Quality is in the detail (619) 203-9471